Wednesday, 11 January 2017

All eyes on you ♡

Hey huns,

So I know it's been a while.. in fact it has been exactly a year ago today since my first post, how creepy and very unintentional...

So, one of my news years resolutions is to focus on my make up skills and career, as it is my passion and what I love to do (and spend all my money on)

At the end of the month I am going on a course at the London School of make up, so I will FINALLYYYYY have my qualification which will hopefully open up some new doors for me and help me in the right direction to reaching my dream job.

I want to start blogging maybe once every 2 weeks or maybe even once a week depending on the interest etc. A lot of people have asked me to do YouTube vidoes but I don't really have a decent camera nor laptop to do that currently (but who knows, maybe in the future) So feel free to leave any ideas or anything you'd like me to blog about in the comments or contact me on any of my social media (links at the bottom ♡)

Anyway, let's get on with the actual post!!!

So today I am telling you all about my favourite/ most used eye shadow palettes. A lot have people have asked me this question or what would I recommend etc before, so I thought why not make a whole post about them.

(sorry for the messiness of some of them - they are well loved and well used)


                       holy grail - £42

I saw SOOOO many pictures and posts on Instagram and twitter about this palette and I knew I HAD to have it. It was so hard to get hold of. It was always out of stock and I always seemed to miss the restocks, but not this time!!! 

I finally got hold of it on (YAY) but then to my horror, HERMES (the bastards, like literally they're a piece of shit) "lost my parcel in transit" yeah ok.. I genuinely cried, I had tried so hard to get it, got so excited when I had finally bought it and then bam, it was lost.. AND ALSO IT HAD NOW GONE OUT OF STOCK AGAIN BY THE WAY. HOWEVER, beautybay luckily saved the day and told me they keep spares back just in case things like this happen!!!!! yay 

I am just so in love with this palette though. The pigment is UNREAL and the colours are just right up my street and they really are to die for! I love the mattes and the shimmers, they're so blendable and so easy to apply, with a brush or your fingers. A little definitely goes a long way. They don't budge and keep my eyes looking fab all day. This palette literally is my holy grail. Some of my favourite looks are using this, combined with Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette.

I like a lot of things about this palette, including the size of the whole thing, size of the pans, the names of the shades and just the general appearance. I tired narrowing down my favourite and most used shades for you - 

Cool Beans 
So Jelly 
On Fleek 
Cranberry Splash  
Wine N Dine 
Bat My Eyes  

So for just £42 you can't really say no to this!!! I would 110% recommend this palette. I near enough use it everyday, whether it be for work, going out or special occasions. It's just so versatile and just damn right ♡ AMAZING 



This one is a little different as it's full of different shades chosen by me, either from MAKE UP GEEK or PRO ARTIST pans.

Firstly, can i Just say how frickin' incredible MUG's eye shadows are??? Like 11/10, amazing! Again, they're super pigmented and so easy to blend and build upon. They have such a variety of shades and textures to chose from. Starting from £6 and ranging to £9.25 for the foiled shadows (still very reasonable for the quality) I purchase all mine from BEAUTYBAY.COM.

Like fair enough, a Z palette may not be everyone's cup of tea and can be quite expensive, but if like me you LOVE eye shadows and just can't get enough then this one is deffo for you. You can put whatever shade you want inside and you've got all your favourites with you! and if you get bored - just switch them out and put whatever you want in replacement. 

What I love about my Z palette is that I can take it wherever I want. It's like having 5/6 different palettes in one! I don't have to take multiple palettes with me as I have all my favourites in one nifty palette. (
as they're magnetic and so is the base of the palette, so they're not going anywhere)

I'll run you through some of my favourites -

PROARTIST Shimmer 01
MAKEUPGEEK Shimma Shimma

I've created so many different looks with this and I'm sure that will continue. So if you like the sound of this, then go and get yourself a Z palette and get creating!!! 

I purchased my LARGE Z PALETTE from BEAUTYBAY.COM for £17.50.

They have a variety of styles and sizes ranging from £5.50 to £24.95.



                       modern renaissance - £42

One of the most talked about palettes of 2016 and for good reasons!!! I just absolutely love it. I mean it's pink and it's made from velvet - who doesn't love that?! I am a massive ABH fan anyway and anything she does/creates I love! And how amazing that there is now a UK website!!!! EEEEEK

Again, this palette is AMAZING. I must admit I don't use it as much since I got my holy grail palette. I don't really know why that is, I just think I prefer the variety of colours and it's always closer to me. But I must start using my modern renaissance more as I miss it.

The shades are just so different to most palettes and they're just gorgeous. They're so pigmented and so easy to blend and again, they last all day. The palette does come with a double ended brush but I prefer to use my own brushes as i'm not a fan of double ended eye shadow brushes as I always end up with so much products over my hands (don't ask)

Some of my favourite shades are -

Antique Bronze
Raw Sienna
Burnt Orange 
Red Ochre

I got mine from CULTBEAUTY for £42 I believe, it was either £42 or £41. It was so hard to get hold of at the time, but I finally got it after being on the waitlist. Now thanks to ABH launching a UK website, so many more people are buying it and haven't seen or heard anyone say a bad word about it - so that says it all.

So if you don't have it already, why the hell not and GET IT ALREADY!!!!!!


                          35O- £23.50

I have HUGE amounts of love for this palette. Again, I tired so hard to get hold of it as it always seems to be in such high demand. It's such a warm feeling palette and perfect for brown smokes or just a natural brown tonal look. The orangey colours are amazing and they all just blend so well together.

This was the first Morphe product I ever got and it introduced me to how good and cheap their products are. Like fair enough, the pigmentation is not to shout about, you need to use more product than other palettes to achieve a more vibrant colour, but they're very blendable and the shimmers are amazing. And for under £25 - who's really complaining? NOT ME.

This palette helped me become more confident with applying eye shadow and creating looks. I'll always cherish it. It's so versatile and there's so many colours in it. I got mine from CULT BEAUTY last January - and I've just had a look and it is currently out of stock on there, again (JOIN THE WAIT LIST YOU WON'T REGRET IT)


                          cocoa blend- £17.50

I've only recently purchased this little gem and I love it!!! The colours are just gorgeous. They're so vivid and so blendable (I feel like ive used that word way toooo many times) I reckon I could create endless looks with this palette and be satisfied. And for only £17.50?! Well chuffed.

I definitely think after this purchase I need to buy more from Zoeva. The palette is quite petite but you don't need a lot of product for a lush look. If you love nudes/neutrals this one is definitely for you.

Some of my favourite shades include -

Sweeter End
Pure Canache
Substitute For Love
Warm Notes
Freshly Toasted

I bought mine directly from Zoeva's website for £17.50 (which was a lot cheaper than other websites seemed to be charging)

A few looks using a variation of my favourites

So that concludes my favourite eye shadow palettes!

I hope you enjoyed reading and will be making some new purchases.

Feel free to leave any ideas/ suggestions in the comments below or just to say hi!!!!

Lots of love from, 

Mol xo

Monday, 11 January 2016

How I do my eyebrows ♡


 As you may know I asked you guys (my followers) what my first blog post should be about and there were some great ideas and I will hopefully get around to all of them, but the most requested one seemed to be how I do my eyebrows. I will try and explain in as much detail as I can, but there's only so much I can show with words and pictures unfortunately.

For my eyebrows themselves I use a combination of Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. There is a lot of buzz about both of these products and once I received and used them I was converted. Admittedly I was a little skeptical at first but I am SO glad I ordered them (along with #12 brush) as they really are amazing. Easy to apply, lasts literally all day and just looks great! I got mine both in the shade 'Medium Brown' I am going to be honest when I first ordered these products I wasn't sure on what shade to get, because obviously I have very light hair but I also have very dark roots and I don't want my eyebrows to look too different to my root colour. Upon buying these products and trying them in lots of different ways, I have decided I will be ordering a different shade next time I purchase some more, just because the medium brown shade I feel is just a little too dark to me and I can't actually find many ways of making it appear lighter without ruining my brows all together. So I'm thinking with a lighter shade I can either use a combination of the two colours to create a more natural shade. To highlight and make my brows really stand out I use Benefits High Brow Glow pencil. I find this works really wow to underline my brows and sharpen them up a little bit. I use it in the shade Champagne Pink as I think it also really compliments any eyeshadow I wear. I find this product really great as again it lasts all day and is really easy to apply. To be honest, it hasn't lasted as long as I would have hoped but maybe I was using a little too much.


Step 1.
 To start with I brush my brows all over with the spooley end of my ABH #12 brush just to get them into a rough shape. I focus a little more on the inner ends, brushing them upwards to separate the shorter hairs for when I apply the pomade (sorry for the crappy pictures, it was surprisingly hard to get a picture of this)

Step 2.
 I get a small amount of pomade (with this product a little bit goes along way) I leave the first part of my brow to create a more natural look and I think it looks less harsh like this. I simply follow the line of my arch and hair creating the shape I would like.

Step 3.
 I then fill from the top of my brow and drag to brush downwards and then upwards following the line of my hair to fill in my brow. The #12 angled brush is the best brush I have found to do this because it has super soft bristles that mimic real hair and create the best look.

Step 4.
 I then use the spooley end of the brush again to blend and make everything look pretty and even.

Step 5.
 I now use the brow wiz to fill in the any gaps and add a bit more colour. Then I use the spooley end to fluff them up again and just make them look how I want them to.

Step 6.
 I now use Benefit's high brow glow to underline and highlight my brows. Starting from the inner corner with a very thin line under my brows and then getting thicker as I get to the arch to give them more definition.

And that is how I create my eyebrow look. I'm aware this won't be everyone's cup of tea but this is how I like to do my eyebrows and I find this is the best way for me.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz -

Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade -

Anastasia Beverley Hills #12 Brush -

Benefit High Brow Glow -

If you would like to know anything else about how I do my brows then feel free to leave a comment on this post or you can email me at

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my first post and feel free to give me some suggestions/ideas for the next one! I am thinking of doing my everyday face look for my next post ♡

Lots of love from, 

Mol xo